Asia Videos

Documenting my adventures in video is not easy. I shoot and edit all my videos, but the extra effort is worth it! Are you ready to be taken to these extraordinary places and see what traveling around the world is like?

Pakistan: Exploring K2

The Savage Mountain and the second highest in the world!


Indonesia: Ijen Crater

Indonesia Mount Bromo

Indonesia Gili Islands


Indonesia: Bali

Indonesia has it all!

Iran: Traveling solo

Behind the Scenes

I started traveling solo since 1997, but it was in 2009, for my trip to Bhutan and Tibet, when I started recording and editing videos of my trips. It was hard to this reporter to be in front and behind the camera!

Tibet: Spirituality vs. Modernity

The wonders of the Tibetan Plateau

Tibet: SkyTrain A Railway to Heaven

Bhutan: The Divine Madman

Bhutan Gross National Product