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Behind the Scenes: What truly happens on and off the road?

Written by DanielaZavala. Posted in Behind The Scenes, Videos

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Published on April 26, 2010 with 11 Comments

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There are currently 11 Comments on Behind the Scenes: What truly happens on and off the road?. Perhaps you would like to add one of your own?

  1. Mi Dani que bella! You’re my hero and I’m so proud of you! keep it up cause you’re brilliant! Mua! love you!

  2. Hi Love ur website, I just found it and it is awesome. I might be asking you more tips. I also love to travel and I have done some trips on my own. had stopped but watching you has encourage me a lot .. muy lindo tu trabajo …

    Best regards
    andres amaya

  3. Thanks Andres! It makes me SO happy when I know that my website has encouraged someone to explore the amazing world we live in! Feel free to email me with any question. My pleasure to help fellow travelers and encourage others to take the first step into traveling 😀

  4. Gracias mi linda. Tus lindas palabras siempre me ponen una sonrisa enorme en la cara. Besos

  5. Hi Dani,

    I am Maria’s sister (your #2 Mommy in Portland, Oregon).

    I was mesmerized by your video, travels, and passion.
    How about pitching a travel documentary to Public Radio (like Rick Steves)? You would surely have an eager following!

  6. Hi Chrisanthy!
    Very happy to hear from you! You know I met my American mom (Maria) on my first trip to Europe? In Greece? That’s the beauty of traveling… meeting people on the road that will be part of your life forever. My mom in Portland (Maria) is one of those. Thanks for the nice comments (Mommy #2 ;). I really LOVE what I do. I absolutely love Rick Steves. I watched his show as preps to my trip to IRan, he is awesome. Pitching to a network is not as easy as it may seem… especially while having a full time job… but who knows… maybe one day 😉

  7. Great video as always! So true that when you love what you do nothing will stand in your way. For only starting 6 months ago your video production skills are excellent. The combo of music, still shots and video work well together.

  8. Thanks Brian. I learned fast, but it has been toughhhhhhhh 😉

  9. Great video, and i agree with you that editing and putting together videos is not as easy as people think. However, i don’t get tired of letting you know that you are doing an excellent job and i am sure that many people, including myself, are inspired with your passion for traveling; i certainly am, so who knows… i might be taking after you to begin Diaries of a backpacker golfer??? 🙂 hahaha… i wish you all the Exito in the universe my friend, sigue adelante..

  10. Thanks Harry! The kind words of my followers are a huge inspiration for me, and the reason why I keep on not only traveling, but sharing my experiences through this website. And yes, why not to do a website about travel and golf? I think that is a terrific idea 😀 Go for it!!! Kisses and blessing for you and your family amigo 🙂

  11. Que orgulloso me siento Dani. Que belleza de trabajo el que has venido haciendo. WAO…. No sabía nada de todo esto. Mis respetos y mucho éxito.

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